Research & Infrastructure

Moving basic science discoveries into the clinic is a tremendous undertaking requiring access to scalable stateoftheart research infrastructure. To catalyze advances in our learning healthcare system, the Institute for Precision Medicine supports Precision Medicine research initiatives in two main ways: funding innovative projects and investing in core resources.  By funding cutting-edge research projects focused on patient outcomes, IPM seeks to facilitate high-yield innovations that will impact patient care as well as lead to commercialization and partnership opportunities.  Secondly, in order to enable researchers to develop their own Precision Medicine work, IPM builds or enhances key institutional infrastructure, particularly in biobanking, computational genomics and next generation computing, all of which are open to everyone in the ecosystem and bring efficiency, scalability and cost-effectiveness.  Working diligently with our core mission in mind, IPM seeks an open and inclusive community, centered on collaboration, where we all work together to diagnose and treat each patient as an individual.