UPMC Precision Medicine Clinic


Our approach integrates traditional primary care/family medicine with a patient’s individual characteristics, including genetics, physiology, environmental exposures, and lifestyle.

1. Health experts evaluate risk of hereditary disorders and identify individuals who meet criteria for genetic testing
2. Genetic counseling
3. Genetic cancer risk assessment in the setting of a family history (early age or having multiple cancers)
4. Pharmacogenomic testing and counseling help patients with medication choices, dosing, and avoiding adverse drug reactions
5. Specialty genetic testing panels and whole exome sequencing, if indicated
6. Connection with UPMC genetic research teams and help coordinating referrals, as appropriate
7. Help for young adults with known genetic conditions transition from pediatrics to adult primary care, and much more.

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Telemedicine and in-office visits are available.
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UPMC Primary Care Precision Medicine
120 Lytton Ave., Suite 100A
Pittsburgh, PA 15213
Ph: 412-647-9304