New publication from the IPM and Pitt Molecular Biology Information Service

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Biomedical researchers are increasingly reliant on obtaining bioinformatics training in order to conduct their research. We recently published a paper discussing how at Pitt we have been making resources available through our Molecular Biology Information Service (MBIS) of the Health Sciences Library System. The MBIS runs a four-facet service with the following goals:

(1) identify, procure and implement commercially licensed bioinformatics software

(2) teach hands-on workshops using bioinformatics tools to solve research questions

(3) provide in-person and email consultations on software/databases

(4) maintain a web portal providing overall guidance on the access and use of bioinformatics resources and MBIS-created webtools.

Our recent paper describes these facets of MBIS activities from 2006 to 2018, including outcomes from a survey measuring attitudes of Pitt researchers about MBIS service and performance. The paper can be accessed here.