IPM to attend the PMLS Precision Oncology and Diagnostics meeting, Oct 19-20, Chicago

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The Institute for Precision Medicine will attend the Precision Medicine Leaders Summit on Precision Oncology and Diagnostics at Willis Tower, Chicago on Oct 19-20, 2022.

Please visit us at our booth, as well as listen to Dr Timothy Burns representing Pitt and UPMC discussing “Targeted therapy in Oncogene Driven Lung Cancer”.

Precision oncology had a tremendous boost with the 2015 roll-out of the Precision Medicine Initiative. What started with a focus on next-generation sequencing of the cancer genome has blossomed into a full set of tools for assaying solid and liquid tumors and the consequent development of analytical assays, analysis software platforms, and precision therapies—biologics, vaccines, and small-molecules.

Nowhere has precision oncology been more useful than in developing innovative technologies for understanding tumor heterogeneity. Precision oncology has benefited from, first, precision sequencing of populations of cells and, second, development of small-molecule drugs and biologics that alone or in combination have boosted the efficacy of therapies. Further, innovations in cell-based therapies (NK cell, CAR-T cell therapies) are increasingly in clinical use.

The advent of early detection technologies, liquid biopsies, MRD analyses, and other diagnostic technologies have enabled faster diagnosis, which is leading to more aggressive treatments earlier in patients’ treatment journey.

The Precision Oncology & Diagnostics Summit will focus on this rapidly evolving market including leaders in biotech, pharmaceuticals, diagnostics, clinical research, healthcare, and regulatory bodies.