Lingqi Luo, PhD

Bioinformatics Analyst

Lingqi joined the Genome Center in September 2017. He graduated with his Bachelor in Cellular Biology & Computer Science and PhD in Bioinformatics. The research interests in his PhD training primarily focused on two directions: a) investigation of enzyme catalytic mechanism of the bacteria Phosphoglycosyltransferases (PGT) using Sequence Similarity Network (SSN) and subsequent structural modeling of PGT catalytic domains aided by evolutionary residue covariance; b) pipeline and web application development of the protein hot spot guided fragment-based drug discovery (FBDD). During his training, he gained the extensive knowledge/skills in both bioinformatics in enzyme evolution and tool development in High-Performance Cluster (HPC) environment. Before his pursuit of PhD, Lingqi had multiple-year research experience as a NGS Biotechnologist with the responsibility of genome, transcriptome-wide study of gene and protein expression on clinical specimens to elucidate the mechanism of tobacco smoke response and identify biomarkers of lung cancer risk. Lingqi’s responsibility in our center includes constructing, validating the bioinformatics pipelines (RNA-Seq, WGS and WES) and implementing Bioinformatics algorithms upon customized internal or third-party needs. His ultimate goal is to engage into the pioneering field of Bioinformatics-aided Medical Diagnostics and eventually contribute to the great exploration of personalized medicine.